At 14 years of age, Dr. David Washington’s family lost their sole source of income: his mother’s low wage job. His family was in danger of being evicted from their modest home and falling deeper into poverty. He made a choice and decided to obtain employment. He knew there had to be something he could do to help his family. He traded his childhood playtime for life lessons in faith, determination, humility and hard work. By the time he was a senior in high school, he was working four jobs, attending school and taking the lion’s share of the household responsibilities. The matters were further complicated by his brother’s epilepsy. However, he did not take the time to feel sorry for himself; because he innately understood one thing: he had power over his situation. Dr. Washington took charge and joined the United States Army and worked on his education at night. He completed his bachelor degree in business. Upon completion of his military service, he went back into the world of work and continued pursuing his education at night. He completed two master degrees within 18 months from two different universities. Earning his Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Administration, he then decided to pursue a doctorate degree from North Carolina State University. Dr. Washington completed his PhD in Educational Research and Policy Analysis in the record time of three years. Currently, Dr. Washington is the Managing Partner of Washington & Company. In his role, he is committed to positively impacting the lives of young people.

Accomplishments (Abridged):

  • Ten Outstanding Young Americans Award Winner
  • Recipient of the North Carolina State University SGA Distinguished Professor Award
  • Recipient of the North Carolina State University Outstanding Teacher Award and Member of the Academy of Outstanding Teachers
  • North Carolina State University Award of Excellence Nominee
  • The North Carolina State University Diversity Award
  • The North Carolina State University Assessment Award
  • The North Carolina State University Ujima Award
  • Recipient of the Army Achievement Medal